Child Support is Calculated in Monmouth County the same way as in Other Counties

Whether you have a Pendente Lite (ie, prior to the divorce hearing) situation or a post-judgment case, the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines have existed for decades and apply to most child-support cases here in Monmouth County.

They apply to most families in New Jersey.

The basic concept of using child support guidelines is that both parents' actual incomes or expected incomes are entered into a computer program, along with the number and ages of the children, the anticipated amount of time that the children are expected to spend overnight with each parent, how much money is paid for the children' share of health insurance premiums, and other factors.

The concept is that by entering similar data from similar counties into a computer program, the judiciary has tried to create a system whereby children in all of New Jersey's 21 counties are treated equally.

Prior to the child support guidelines, child support would often be determined by the particular sensitivities of the judge hearing the case. Similar cases in different counties were often decided quite differently simply because they were heard by different judges. One of the purposes of the guidelines was to put an end to this seemingly unfair reality.

High income cases, which we call “above-guidelines cases”, are treated differently. There is a statutory formula that governs the factors that a particular judge must look to in determining what a fair and reasonable amount of child support in a given above-guidelines situation should be.  Monmouth County has many cases that require an analysis beyond that provided by the child support guidelines based upon the high income of one or both parties.

For routine situations, it may not be necessary to have a lawyer handle your child support case if both parents are W-2 employees.

However, child support issues aren’t always black and white. Parents may not understand how to tackle a particular child support issue or may not know the best way to best argue for more child support. 



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