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Looking For An Experienced Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer?

One Who Really Understands What You Are Going Through?

Someone who has helped thousands of people like you and knows how to help you?

Then You Are At The Right Place.

I'm Monmouth County divorce attorney Steve Kaplan and I get what you are going through.

That gut-wrentching feeling in your stomach when you realize that your efforts to save your marriage have failed.

The sadness of realizing that you have been lied to. Again.

The fear of financial insecurity.

The "what if's" of a possible custody fight.

Obviously no divorce lawyer can just waive a magic wand and make it all just disappear, as attractive as that fantasy might be. No. Divorce is real and must be treated that way.

But there are things that can be done, ways to strategize and plan, decisions to ponder if you will, that can make a difference in your case and in your life if you actually do begin the divorce process.

That's where I come in.

For the past 30 years, I have lived with the challenges of divorce. I understand the pain, the frustration, and the confusion that you may be feeling.

If you hire my firm, I will personally handle your case. I will not bring you in as a client and then hand your case off to a young associate attorney as so many other divorce law firms do.

I have 30 years of experience handling thousands of divorce cases involving issues of money and children and property and mistreatment by the other spouse, issues that may be very similar to some of what you are experiencing right now.

My experience was gained right here in Monmouth County at the County Courthouse in Freehold, right where your case will be handled.

I have lived the challenges that divorce can bring for 30 years, and I continue to live it daily, both professionally and personally.

I have lived it professionally as a divorce lawyer and I have also lived it for 30 years personally a a step-father.

I've spent my life learning how to best serve people just like you.

Indeed, I sensed at an early age that I wanted to do something when I was older to help people who were dealing with divorce. I came from a typical New Jersey intact family. In the 1960's, when I was first exposed to it, the concept of divorce scared the hell out of me as an 8 years old. I vividly remember struggling to understand what divorce meant and what a childhood friend was going through during his parents' divorce.

While I was in law school, I enrolled in and successfully completed every divorce-related class that was offered.

After graduating from law school, I worked for a well-respected NJ Divorce Court Judge early on in my career, learning the "in's and out's" of divorce law from a judge's unique perspective.

Ultimately I worked my way up the ranks in the family law department of a well-respected Monmouth County law firm.

After 10 years of working with that firm, for the past 20 years I have managed my own Monmouth County divorce law firm.

During my entire 30 year career, at the end of the workday I would come home from Court and experience the consequences of divorce personally, both as a step-father and as the husband of a previously divorced woman.

As a result of both my professional and my personal experiences with divorce, I understand first-hand the pain and frustration and confusion that divorce so often brings with it.

My personal experiences of course benefit my clients, as they allow me to bring a unique perspective to my efforts to help my clients try to obtain the best possible outcomes with their divorce cases.

My philosophy is borrowed from my father's favorite saying: "Life By The Yard is Hard; but Life By The Inch Is A Cinch." My approach is to guide my clients through the divorce process, step by step, a little bit at a time, so that my client is not overwhelmed. Instead of being overwhelmed, my goal is for my client to be clear about what is happening and what the client's options are.

I then help my client analyze the available options and make the best decisions.

Like the many people who we have helped over the past 3 decades, I think that you will find your experience dealing with my firm to be reassuring and comforting. We treat our clients with respect and dignity. You will feel our total commitment in all of your dealings with me and with my professional staff.

The highest compliment that someone can give to me is selecting me to represent them. I take this responsibility very seriously. For my part, I give my clients everything that I have, a total commitment to my client.

I also provide all of my clients with my cell phone number for emergency use, so that if they need me at night or on a weekend or on a holiday, I am available to them quickly.

I have a full staff of highly experienced paralegals and legal secretaries. These are not high school kids or recent graduates. Rather, all four members of my legal support team have been working solely with divorce cases for well over 10 years each. Whether you speak with Valerie or Rosemarie or Eileen or Karen, you are talking to a highly experienced legal professional who knows the in's and the out's of the Monmouth County Family Court system. Like me, in one way or another, each of them also has had personal experience with divorce-related issues of one form or another, either personally or through a close family member.

No two divorce cases are exactly the same. Rather, each case is "fact sensitive." Each case has something different about it, and so I help each of my clients devise a customized strategy designed to get them the best results possible based upon their particular situation.

To begin understanding divorce in Monmouth County, I recommend that you start reading the articles on my blog. I think that you will find my blog to be an extremely useful tool. The blog articles that I write are short and easy to understand. They deal with issues that most people I work with are anxious to learn about as they begin to navigate the complicated waters of divorce and family law. In my articles I try to take complicated topics and make them easy to understand.

These blog posts are constantly being supplemented, as once or twice each week I continue to write short, informative articles on many issues that people going through a divorce in Monmouth County often tell me they are struggling to find accurate answers to.

Let's start turning things around.




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