"I'm Monmouth County divorce attorney Steve Kaplan.  

If you live in Monmouth County and you may be headed for a divorce, then you are at the right place.

My law firm is the ONLY law firm that limits its law practice to just Monmouth County divorces. 

We have spent the past 31 years learning all that we can about the particularities of the divorce process here in Monmouth County.

Focusing only on divorce cases here in Monmouth County allows us to steep ourselves in the knowledge of how divorce happens here, in this county.

We get to know the Family Court judges and their staff well, and we get to learn how things are done slightly differently in each of the judges' courtrooms.  

We feel that this gives us the ability to best serve our clients.



That gut-wrentching feeling in your stomach when you realize that your efforts to save your marriage have failed.

The sadness of realizing that you have been lied to.  Again.

The many fears of financial insecurity.  Has your spouse hidden money?  Where will you live?  How will the credit card debt be paid?  What happens if your spouse is financially irresponsible?

The "what ifs" of a possible custody fight. When will you see your kids?  What if your spouse damages your relationship with your children?  What if your spouse's substance abuse affects the safety of your kids?

The feelings of betrayal when your spouse has cheated.

These issues can easily become emotionally overwhelming if they are not addressed separately and deliberately.  

That's where I come in.

I encourage my clients to take things one small step at a time by telling them my "divorce mantra"; I tell them, "Divorce by the yard is hard, but divorce by the inch is a cinch."  

Take a deep breath.  Slow down. One thing at a time.

I try to guide my client through the divorce process step by step, "inch by inch" so to speak (instead of "yard by yard, which would be too much for anyone to handle), a little bit at a time, so that my client is not overwhelmed.

I then help my client carefully analyze the available options and try to make the best decisions under the unique circumstances of that client's particular family situation.



For the past 31 years, I have lived with the challenges of divorce in Monmouth County, both professionally as a divorce lawyer and personally as a step-father.

After graduating law school, I worked for the NJ Family Court as the assistant to a well-respected divorce court judge.

As a divorce attorney, I have represented over one thousand Monmouth County divorce clients in cases involving issues of money and children and property and mistreatment by the other spouse, issues that may be similar to what you are experiencing.

I have lived and truly understand the pain, the frustration, and the confusion that you may be feeling.  

I use my 31 years of professional experience with over 1000 divorces in Monmouth County, and my personal experience with my own family, to help my current clients.

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Everything that you need to know about getting divorced in Monmouth County is right here on my website.

The time that you are about to spend here on my website will be very helpful to you.  

Here you will find 85 short, easy to understand, highly useful articles about any questions that you might have about what lies before you as you begin your divorce here in Monmouth County



Are you ready to start turning things around? To challenge the fear, the sadness, the uncertainty? 

To begin understanding how your divorce case in Monmouth County will likely play itself out, I recommend that you start reading the articles on my blog. I think that you will find my blog to be an extremely useful tool.

The articles are short and easy to understand. They deal with issues that most people I work with are anxious to learn about as they begin to navigate the complicated waters of divorce and family law. I try to take complicated topics and make them easy to understand.

These articles will tell you everything that you need to know in order to understand what you should and should not do in your divorce case here in Monmouth County. 

There are two ways that you can use the information on this website.

First, if you will allow me to, I will guide you slowly through the maze of divorce related questions, one issue at a time (ie, "inch by inch"), starting with an overview of the Monmouth County divorce process. This is the better way, in my opinion.

Alternatively, you can go to the various articles that interest you on this site directly and bypass my "guided tour".

If the idea of getting divorced is still overwhelming to you, remember:  "Divorce by the yard is hard, but divorce by the inch is a cinch."  

Slow down.  

Don't take on too much of this at once.  

Do one thing at a time.

This article will give you a great quick overview of the entire Monmouth County divorce process."




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"… From the time of the initial consultation through to the end I felt like I had a big brother in my corner that you did not want to mess with, who had an answer to any and every situation that might arise…"
- Brian N.
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