"I'm Monmouth County divorce attorney Steve Kaplan.  

My law firm is the only law firm that limits its law practice to just Monmouth County divorces.  We do not accept other types of cases, and the divorce cases that we do accept are all in Monmouth County.

This website contains 85 articles that I have personally written for our Monmouth County divorce clients (and future clients) to help answer most of the questions that they have about getting divorced here in Monmouth County.

These articles include:

     My detailed, step-by-step guide to getting divorced in Monmouth County;

     How to get help from the Monmouth County Family Court;

     How to reduce the cost of your divorce in Monmouth County;

     The goal should ALWAYS be to prepare and sign a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement.

     Your matrimonial Case Information Statement:  the backbone of your case

     How to calculate alimony;   

     War story #1:  My most painful alimony case;

     How to calculate child support;

     Life Insurance is required to guarantee alimony or child support payments

     How to have an uncontested divorce;

     If you cannot have an uncontested divorce, then what?

     Try to settle(First Attempt):  The Monmouth County Early Settlement Program (ESP)

     What if your Early Settlement Panel in Monmouth County fails?

     Try to settle (Second Attempt):  Mediation

     Keep trying to settle (Third Attempt):  The Monmouth County Intensive Settlement Program (ISP)

     Why the other attorney may not be returning your lawyer's phone calls

     How to resolve child custody disputes;   

     If necessary, to get help from a Judge, we prepare and file a "motion".  But what exactly is a "motion"?

     In a true emergency, we can file an Order to Show Cause if you need help immediately and there's no time for a motion

     What about custody and parenting-time emergencies?  Is the Judge available?

     What if my spouse wants to move the kids away from NJ?  What if I want to?

     What can I do if my spouse is alienating my children from me?

     When can someone who is not a biological parent be treated as a parent based upon the concept of "psychological parent?"

     How is marital property usually distributed? (hint:  there is "the law" and then there is what usually happens)

     Can money be removed from a joint account by either spouse before the divorce?

     What are depositions, and how can they help me?

     How to choose the right divorce lawyer (articl

     How to choose the right divorce lawyer (article 2)

     A guide to the facilities in the Monmouth County Court House in Freehold;

     What is involved with "serving" someone with divorce papers;

     Do it right the first time (yes, you can sometimes go back to Court, but you do not want to)

     NJ Grounds for Divorce

     What happens if I earn money "off the books"?

     How can I obtain a domestic violence restraining order in Monmouth County?

     Should I consider trading in my domestic violence restraining order for an order for civil restraints?

     War story #2:  "You feel that your husband can help me? Your husband is the guy who did this to me!"

     Info about me

     How can I deal with feelings of sadness during the holiday season while divorcing? 

 ...and 48 more articles that will surely help you during this journey to divorce.

Keep reading to learn about how to handle any divorce-related issues in Monmouth County.



That gut-wrentching feeling in your stomach when you realize that your efforts to save your marriage have failed.

The sadness of realizing that you have been lied to.  Again.

The many fears of financial insecurity.  Has your spouse hidden money?  Where will you live?  How will the credit card debt be paid?  What happens if your spouse is financially irresponsible?

The "what ifs" of a possible custody fight. When will you see your kids?  What if your spouse damages your relationship with your children?  What if your spouse's substance abuse affects the safety of your kids?

The feelings of betrayal when your spouse has cheated.



For the past 31 years, I have lived with the challenges of divorce in Monmouth County, both professionally as a divorce lawyer and personally as a step-father.

After graduating law school, I worked for the NJ Family Court as the assistant to a well-respected divorce court judge.

As a divorce attorney, I have represented over one thousand Monmouth County divorce clients in cases involving issues of money and children and property and mistreatment by the other spouse, issues that may be similar to what you are experiencing.

I have lived and truly understand the pain, the frustration, and the confusion that you may be feeling.  

I use my 31 years of professional experience with over 1000 divorces in Monmouth County, and my personal experience with my own family, to help my current clients.

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To learn how to most effectively get a divorce in Monmouth County, I recommend that you start reading the articles on my website. 

These articles will tell you everything that you need to know in order to understand what you should and should not do in your divorce case here in Monmouth County. 

Use the free resources available to you on this site, and if a time comes when you would like to come in and meet with me face to face, then give me a call at (732) 845-9010, or send me a note,  and my staff will get you in quickly for a "Monmouth County divorce strategy session" with me.

Thank you for coming to my website.  I know that it will give you the knowledge and confidence that you need to successfully begin your journey through the Monmouth County divorce process."




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"… From the time of the initial consultation through to the end I felt like I had a big brother in my corner that you did not want to mess with, who had an answer to any and every situation that might arise…"
- Brian N.
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