At one time you were very happily married.

The wedding, your first home, the wonders of childbirth, summers at the beach, and preschool were new and exciting.

Then came a better house, a nicer car, new furniture, and summer camp.

Things looked great (on the outside, at least.)

But kids and higher living expenses made life more complicated.

Differing values and differing expectations between you and your spouse led to disagreements.

Your in-laws meddled a bit.

The pressures just kept piling on until life became stressful.

To deal with this stress, one of you (or maybe even both of you) began self-help.

At first it didn't seem like a problem. Drinking a bit. Or using some drugs to help with the stress.

But unfortunately, the stressors that led to self-help didn't go away.

The fighting between the two of you began, and then got worse. 


Ultimately, one of you had an affair as a way of avoiding the stress.

Now, the two of you are sleeping in separate bedrooms, there is limited communication between you, and the communication that does exist includes calling each other names, like "bi-polar," "narcissist," "obsessive," and "control freak."

You tried marriage counseling, but it  didn't help. Your spouse just sat there and blamed you for everything that is wrong with the marriage, while accepting no responsibility.

Ultimately, you realized that you cannot fix your marriage alone, and your spouse does not seem to have any interest in trying to work things out.

Whatever your journey with your spouse has been, you are at this website because you have reached a breaking point. Something has to change.

You know that a divorce may be coming, and you have some serious concerns.

You are seeking direction. "What are my options?"

"What should my next step be?"

You want to find out how to best protect your kids and your assets, and you need to be sure that you'll have enough money if you do actually divorce. 

You don't want to fight. You just want to be fair.

But your spouse is angry at you.

And you're not so sure how fair your spouse will be to you.

You fear that you may be taken advantage of if you are not very careful. 

You are concerned about what the future holds for you. There is uncertainty, and the uncertainty is making you fearful.

Thoughts of being alone again, of returning to the dating scene, and of being a single parent are adding to your already over-burdened mind.

It has become hard for you to sleep.

You are tired...



I understand the many stressors that people who are facing the possibility of a divorce often confront.

Every day for the past 32 years I have worked with divorcing people in New Jersey who had concerns like yours. Ultimately, most of them were able to successfully address those issues.

There are two things that have been crucial to helping me assist thousands of New Jersey divorce clients over the years. First, I am highly trained and highly experienced as a divorce specialist.

And second is that through the past 32 years of living with my wife (who was married and divorced once before) and step-children, I have personally experienced much of what divorcing and divorced families go through.  (CLICK HERE TO READ "MY STORY")



You're probably anxious to get answers to some important questions.

What's the best way to begin doing that right now?

The answer is to get a good, solid "divorce education."

What is a "divorce education"?

It is specialized knowledge about divorce in New Jersey.

Knowledge that you most likely do not have nearly enough of just yet.

The old saying, "Knowledge Is Power" certainly is true when it comes to divorce.

The more that you learn about how child custody works, how assets are divided, and how alimony and child support are determined, the sooner your anxiety will start to disappear.

To take your focus off of your fears and instead put it on learning how to successfully handle your divorce, CLICK HERE to begin getting your questions answered RIGHT NOW by beginning to study my "NJ Divorce Course."

This online educational course contains short articles about any divorce-related topic that interests you.

The course contains 85 of my articles organized into 14 online lessons that you can review in any order that you wish.

The knowledge that these easy-to-read articles will give you is the best way that I have discovered for divorcing people to learn how to conquer their divorce-related fears.

If you'd like to meet with me personally, call me at (732) 845-9010 or SEND ME AN EMAIL BY CLICKING HERE. We'll get you in quickly for your "Divorce Strategy Session."

When we meet, we will carefully go over the facts of YOUR case, your particular concerns, and we will discuss the most productive ways to satisfactorily resolve those issues.


I designed this website to offer help to anyone who is willing to take the time to read the articles and learn from them.

Take advantage of this resource...spend some time going through these articles.

I promise that they will help you.


Steve Kaplan

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