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What follows is the story of one of my clients, who has given me permission to share his story anonymously. 

I share it with you because it is likely that what you are going through is similar to what he is going through.

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OK. Let's start with the story that I promised you. Here goes:



There is no denying that he has serious marital problems, but he wonders if his marriage really has to be over.

Or can his marriage still be saved? 

Is she going to try to take him for everything that he's got?

Or might marriage counseling help?

Will he need to start fighting for custody, alimony, and everything else that goes along with divorce litigation

Or might mediation help?

These are all important questions that don't have easy answers.



He works a very long day, and then has a tough commute to deal with. Life is stressful.

While he earns a very good income, he and his wife disagree over many things, including money. 

Notwithstanding his six-figure income, living in Monmouth County is very expensive. 

He feels that she had been overspending, while she feels that he is so caught up in his career that he doesn't realize how expensive life here is.

He recently cancelled all but one of her credit cards and put limits on the amount that she could spend on the one remaining card. 

He felt that he was being responsible.

But she didn't see it that way.

She responded by calling him a "control freak", a"cheapskate", and a "jackass".

At some point, both of them have accused the other of substance abuse and of having emotional issues, and each one has questioned whether the other has cheated.

More names have been  thrown about. "Cheater", "narcissist," "abusive," "alcoholic," "pothead," and "bi-polar".

They stopped talking, and he has been sleeping in another room.

They tried marriage counseling, but it has not been successful.



He really feels that he has given it his all, yet he doesn't  want to get divorced.

He worked very hard to get to his position in life. After all of that, he is afraid that he will be left with little money, few assets, and screwed-up kids.

His goal is to patch things up. He wants to keep his life and the lives of his children intact.

Yet, he realizes that he cannot fix his marriage alone, and his wife does not seem to have any interest in trying to work things out with him.

He has saved money over the years. There's a 401(k), an IRA, a pension, some cash, some RSU's and stocks, and he is afraid of losing most of them to his wife. 

He's not so sure that his wife can handle the kids alone based upon her emotional issues without him being there.

And so, if there really is going to be a divorce, he is considering the possibility of seeking primary custody.

Finally, he's facing the thought of being alone again, of having to start all over with the dating scene, and of being a single father to 3 kids.



I'm willing to bet that some of the battles that he and his wife have had sound familiar to you.

Some of them probably sound very familiar to you.

Additionally, I'm also fairly certain that some of his concerns, about money and child custody, might very well be familiar to you also.

And narcissism. Bi-polar disorder. Concerns about possible cheating.

I get it.

I've worked through scenarios similar to this one with thousands of people before over the past 32 years. 

Yes, many times it leads to divorce.

Yet quite often it does not.

Either way, you have questions, and you have to get your questions answered.



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