Being a New York City commuter can make a long work day much more difficult. 

I know. I did it for 3 months in 1986 and swore to never do it again.

7:02 am.

That was my train to Hoboken en route to New York City.

I took the train to Hoboken, switched to the PATH from Hoboken to the World Trade Center, and then walked.

The days were long.

At 5:49 pm, my train pulled into the station back in New Jersey and I and others stumpled mindlessly off the train, exhausted and struggling to remember precisely where we had parked our cars early that morning.

When I got home at night there was little time to do much of anything except eat dinner and prepare to get up when it was still dark early again the next morning to start the long day all over again.

I learned how tough it can be for commuters to do things that others take for granted.

Like go to a lawyer's appointment.

I hated it and quit, vowing to make getting access to a divorce lawyer easier for New York City commuters.



For over 3 decades, we have represented many people who commute to Manhattan.

We recognize that commuting to New York takes an enormous amount of precious time, thereby making it really hard for the commuting divorce client to have a meaningful professional relationship with his divorce law firm.

Our commuter clients love our law office because we recognizing that their available time is very limited, and so we try to accommodate their unique circumstances.

First, we use Zoom for easy first-rate video conferencing. This avoids the need for most (if not all) in-person meetings, thereby allowing the client to avoid further overcomplicating his already overcomplicated schedule.

Second, we have staff available to go into NYC to meet with clients in person at their offices, if necessary (it is rarely necessary because using Zoom video conferencing is very easy and effectively removes any communications barriers. It "feels like" we are sitting across the desk from each other during a Zoom video conference.)

Third, recognizing the time constraints that commuters face, we try to make ourselves available whenever necessary for after-hours phone calls and office appointments.

Fourth, we have staff available to meet our clients at ferry terminals, bus stops, and train stations in NJ to exchange documents, if necessary.

By doing everything possible to accommodate the "special needs" of our clients who work in New York, we have effectively made the lawyer-client experience almost exactly the same as if our offices were close by to the commuter client.

5:49 pm.

That was the time that my train from Hoboken pulled into my home station back in 1986.

It's been 33 years, yet still every time I see that time flash on a clock, it brings back memories and reminds me of why my staff and I try so hard to make it easier for our commuter clients.

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