When Does NJ Divorce Law Require Life Insurance?

When does NJ divorce law require life insurance? 

Is every woman who gets divorced in NJ entitled to life insurance from her ex-husband?


NJ Divorce Law usually requires a supporting parent and a supporting former spouse to maintain an appropriate amount of life insurance to fund his alimony and child support obligations in the event of his premature death.

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Your Divorce Case Information Statement: The Backbone of Your Case

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Obligations of a Disabled Person Pursuant To NJ Alimony Laws

What does a permanent disability do to someone's alimony obligation pursuant to NJ Alimony Laws?

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What Does "Pendente Lite" Mean in Monmouth County Divorce Court?

It means "temporary."

Temporary relief.

As in temporary custody. Temporary alimony. Temporary child support.

Temporary until a more detailed, more well reasoned final decision can be made.

It is important for someone going through a contested divorce to understand that there are two main phases to that divorce.

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Breaking News: New Jersey Bill Giving Judges More Discretion in Child Support Cases Moves Forward in New Jersey Senate

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To those people who pay child support and feel that they are paying it for too long a period of time, based upon the child's reaching age 18 or other emancipation events: keep an eye on New Jersey Bill S-1567. Yesterday this bill advanced through the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee and will be considered by the full New Jersey Senate.

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