Are You Divorced, Yet You Still Have Unresolved Divorce Problems?

"Fortunately for people who are divorced in New Jersey, our laws make it clear that when a person experiences a substantial change in circumstances, the courthouse doors remain open to that person, and a judge is available to help make decisions, when necessary.

Indeed, the NJ Supreme Court in its landmark case of Lepis v. Lepis has said that alimony, child support, visitation, custody, college cost cases and related issues can be reviewed and modified by the Court any time there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

These cases are known as post judgment cases.

Just what qualifies, though, as a "substantial change in circumstances" can be tricky.

I would be happy to try to help you map out the best strategy to help you with whatever post-divorce issues you are struggling with.

Give me a call at (732) 845-9010, or send me an email telling me what is happening. I will respond personally, and together we will map out the best course of action for your particular post-judgment situation."


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