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Stressed Out About Your New Jersey Divorce?

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Divorce is stressful. It is stressful for people going through it, it is stressful for friends and family of those going through it, and it is stressful for divorce attorneys.

We must all develop the ability to relax. Meditation works. Yoga works. Exercise works.

Here's one of the ways that I do it:

It's the first day of Winter 2013. December 21. Right in the middle of the stressful December holiday season.

I'm at the beach in New Jersey.

One of the amazing advantages of living close to the ocean is the "Indian Summer" type days that pop up here and there throughout the fall and winter. It is 64 degrees. Last week was 12 degrees. I can get used to this.

I spent several hours today, December 21, 2013 -- the first day of winter! -- in my car sitting at the boardwalk in Allenhurst, New Jersey.

I spent the day working but from my car.

It doesn't feel like work.

If fact, every five minutes or so a pleasure boat cruises by, just like on a summer day. When a boat goes by, I stop and I look at the boat.

I look at how fast it is going, I study how it is bobbing up and down in the water, I judge the size of the waves… I do pretty much what I do when I sit by the ocean on a summer day.

It makes winter feel like summer. It makes me forget the stress of being a divorce lawyer during the week.

There are seagulls in front of me.


This guy is resting on a bench and allows me to approach.

He's not stressed out.

Why should I be?



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