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Do You Want A NJ Divorce Lawyer Who Represents Only One Sex?

If you are a man, do you really want a divorce lawyer who only represents men? 

Or if you are a woman, do you really want a divorce lawyer who only represents women?

I certainly understand the fear that divorce brings.

And I certainly understand that if you are a man or a woman, you might initially think that you are better off hiring a lawyer who only represents clients of your gender. 

But think about it from a different perspective for a minute. 

What do you think the judge thinks? 

Judges know the lawyers. 

What do you think the judge thinks when Mr. Smith, who is known as "only representing  men", shows up representing a new male client? 

To me, the judge might be thinking that Mr. Smith is going to say whatever he has to say to win for that client but that he has no understanding of how that client’s wife might perceive things because he never represents any women. 

While I understand that from a marketing perspective some lawyers may perceive a business advantage to developing a law practice representing only men or only women, if I were a divorce client I would prefer to have a lawyer who represents men and women roughly equally.

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