Jennifer Weisselberg is a “Disaffected Former Relative”, and for Donald Trump That Should Be Frightening.

When I represent a wife in a divorce from a self-employed man who is hiding money, I always try to find a “disaffected former employee.”

A “disaffected former employee” might be a former bookkeeper who feels that she was improperly fired by the husband and who wants to “get even” by telling the truth about what illegalities were going on with the business and how that illegal conduct has hurt the Wife’s financial interests in the divorce case.

Or a former personal assistant who hates her former boss for doing bad things that hurt the wife, who now wants to come forward to help the wife obtain fairness and justice in her divorce case.

A disaffected former employee is someone who knows where the skeletons are buried.

Michael Cohen is a “disaffected former employee.”

But who is Jennifer Weisselberg? 

Well she doesn’t appear to have worked personally for the Trump Organization, and so she cannot be considered a “disaffected former employee” in the normal sense of that phrase.

Jennifer Weisselberg is the former daughter in law of Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, and she has come forward on CNN and other news outlets to spill the beans about her ex father in law.

She was divorced a few years back from Weisselberg’s son, Barry, in what appears to have been a nasty divorce.

So perhaps we can call her a "disaffected former relative."

Here  a “disaffected former relative” shows up to reveal the skeletons.

Trump should be very concerned.