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New Uncontested Divorce Rule in New Jersey

One of the few benefits to the New Jersey divorce system to come out of the Covid pandemic is that it is now possible to get an uncontested divorce "on the papers".

This means that for the first time in NJ it is possible ask the Judge to sign the final divorce papers (ie, the Judgment of Divorce) without actually having to participate in either an in person hearing or even a Zoom hearing.

There is paperwork that must be completed properly that explains to the Judge that you and your spouse both read the divorce agreement, understand it, and desire that it be included in a judgment of divorce to be enforceable by both parties.

There is some additional paperwork that needs to be submitted.

But at this time, if you wish to avoid the anxiety and time of actually having an uncontested divorce court hearing, there is now, for the first time in New Jersey, a way to do it.


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