1. The Monmouth County Intensive Settlement Panel

    What happens if your Monmouth County divorce case cannot be settled through conventional means?

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  2. "Why Won't The Other Attorney Negotiate?"

    "Why won't the other divorce attorney negotiate?"

    That's what Barbara asked me.

    "Steve," she said, "we've been trying to get them to respond to our settlement proposal that I asked you to draft 2 months ago and that you mailed to them 2 months ago. No response.

    We've been trying to get them to attend a four way conference to begin a dialogue. No response.

    You call and leave messages for his attorney to call you back. You do not get the courtesy of a return call.

    Why can't you get the other attorney to negotiate?"

    Barbara is a really nice lady.

    She didn't deserve the treatment that her husband gave her.

    She knew that he had affairs but she did not want the divorce.

    Ultimately her husband left her for another woman.

    When I'm representing the person who doesn't want the divorce or who doesn't care about it or just wants to be left alone, I don't get the phone calls like the one that I got from Barbara.

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  3. The Court Should Be Open For Parenting Time Emergencies

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  4. What If Your Early Settlement Panel in Monmouth County Fails?

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  5. Monmouth County Courthouse Facilities

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  6. Can Your Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer Help You In An Emergency?


    Maybe not.

    What exactly is an emergency that justifies a Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer bringing an emergent Order to Show Cause in Monmouth County Family Court?

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    Topics: Alimony, Child Custody

  7. Can I Remove Money From A Joint Account?

    As a Monmouth County divorce lawyer, I am regularly asked the question: "Can I remove money from a joint account at the beginning of our divorce case?"

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    Topics: Equitable Distribution of Property

  8. Should Your Monmouth County Divorce Attorney Take Depositions?

    Are there unanswered questions in your divorce case?  

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  9. 10 Good First Questions To Ask A Divorce Attorney

    Often people who are considering getting a divorce are not sure where to begin or what questions to ask me.

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  10. Trading Your NJ Temporary Restraining Order For Civil Restraints

    It is relatively easy for someone who feels that she is a victim of domestic violence to obtain a temporary restraining order in NJ. (While for purposes of illustration this article refers to the "victim" as a woman, that certainly is not always the case.)

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