What is Joint Custody in NJ?

I get asked all the time, "What is joint custody in NJ? What does it really mean in practical terms to me?"

The bottom line is that in New Jersey, there are two broad types of custody.

Physical custody deals with where the child lives, and legal custody deals with who makes major decisions for the child.

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The Court Should Be Open For Parenting Time Emergencies

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How To Have Happier Children While Divorcing

Of all of the thousands of people that I have consulted with over the past 28 years as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, not one has ever said to me that one of their goals as part of the divorce action was to screw up their kids.

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Co-parenting After Divorce When Your Ex Won't

Co-parenting after divorce is not an easy task. In many divorce cases, there is resentment and anger in one or both parties.

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