Are You Experiencing A Child Custody Emergency In New Jersey?


The Coronavirus has created a surge of parenting time emergencies that are crying out for an effective and immediate resolution.
But the physical courthouses in New Jersey are closed.
And although judges are available by phone in emergencies, many judges are not viewing these cases as emergencies.
How can you get help to resolve your custody or parenting time issues?
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I participated in a videoconference with dozens of  NJ divorce lawyers and judges recently to discuss this very important and issue.
The consensus of opinion was this: Judges expect parents to be "reasonable."
There will come a time when the pandemic recedes. Things will get much more "normal."
And when that happens judges, when called upon to listen to "who did what to who" when the judge wasn't available, will be looking at how "reasonable" each party was when deciding what the judge is going to do to modify either parenting time or custody (if anything.)
So what can you do if your parenting rights are being trampled by an unreasonable co-parent?
First, we can send a strong letter to the other parent demanding that you be allowed to exercise your rights, pointing out how you believe the other parent is acting unreasonably.
Second, we can file papers with the court seeking assistance, showing how the other parent is being unreasonable. While the courthouses are physically closed, judges are resolving cases by video conference. 

A third approach is for you and your ex to agree to hire a private arbitrator to resolve the issues. The arbitrator is given specific power by the parties in writing to listen to their attorneys argue the case via videoconference and to render a binding decision resolving the visitation issue, again focusing on the reasonableness of each parties' position.

At the absolute least, you should document everything. Copy texts. Save emails. Take photos. Recordings are great (as long as they are made lawfully.)

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