What Is An Uncontested Divorce in NJ?

New clients regularly tell me that they want an "uncontested divorce."

What exactly is an uncontested divorce in NJ?

To me, the phrase means two separate things:

First of all, it means that the grounds for divorce are not being contested.

Secondly, it means that there is no disagreement as to any of the financial issues, child related issues, or any other issues, and that these issues have been resolved and are not being contested.

When you have settled all of the issues in your divorce case, the next step is to go to court for what is called an uncontested divorce hearing; the goal of which is to divorce you and your spouse and end the divorce process.  

The uncontested divorce hearing usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

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What Is A NJ Divorce Trial Like?

Question: "What is a New Jersey divorce trial like?"

Answer: "You don't want one."

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Do It Right The First Time

As a divorce lawyer, half of my clients are people who are getting divorced.

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The Monmouth County Intensive Settlement Panel

What happens if your Monmouth County divorce case cannot be settled through conventional means?

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The Court Should Be Open For Parenting Time Emergencies

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Monmouth County Courthouse Facilities

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NJ Grounds for Divorce

There are nine NJ Grounds For Divorce.

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Drafting A NJ Matrimonial Settlement Agreement

It has often been said that 99 out of 100 NJ Divorce Cases are ultimately settled, and that only 1 out of 100 divorce cases in New Jersey actually result in a trial before a Family Court judge.

The way that a case is most often settled is through the use of a custom drafted document called a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement (also called a Property Settlement Agreement (PSA) or an Interspousal Agreement.

There are many names for the same type of document.

Drafting a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement (MSA) in a NJ divorce case is not an easy task. It is sort of the metaphorical equivalent to what a sculptor faces when he sits down to create a sculpture. 

I'm not a sculptor. I have never tried sculpting from a block of rock.

Yet I imagine that if I were a sculptor, I would start with a square block of stone.

I imagine that I would have a general idea of what I intended my final project to ultimately look like before I started chipping away at that stone.

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NJ Divorce Court Motions

What can be done once you have filed for divorce, but your spouse is not cooperating with something significant and so you need some type of help from a judge?

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Introduction To The Monmouth County Divorce Process

A very nice woman, frightened out of her mind, hired me recently and told me how she had been just informed by an email from her husband's lawyer an hour earlier that her case was scheduled for trial in less than 48 hours, gave her the address of the courthouse, but told her that she really didn't need to appear in court.

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