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To Only Slightly Misquote Gov. Christie Before Hurricane Sandy, "Get The Hell Off Of Facebook!" During Your NJ Divorce

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Clients bring me Facebook postings often, documenting what their spouse says and does.
When helpful, I'll use that information to my client's advantage.
You say you want an example?
This sounds crazy?
Example: Ex-husband is an alcoholic.
He is Court-ordered to not be drinking alcohol as a condition of his right to have unsupervised access to his children.
He says that he is not drinking at all, and that he abstains completely and attends AA meetings every day.
But ex-wife finds a current picture on Facebook of ex-husband at a party with a beer in his left hand and their 7 year old daughter sitting on a chair next to him.
Ex-wife files an emergency application with the Court to stop ex-husband's unsupervised parenting time with the children  because the admitted alcoholic ex-husband is clearly drinking again.
They fight in court.
Appeals follow.
Each spends tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers.
End result: Ex-husband's visitation gets severely restricted, as I believe it should be.
The ex-husband shouldn't have been drinking.
But if he was going to drink, allowing a photo of it to appear on Facebook was probably not a great idea.

Topics: Divorce, Social Media, Stress of Divorce