Are You Going Through A Divorce Right Now?

"Are you in the middle of your divorce case right now?

Do you find yourself wondering how and when it will end?

There are two ways to end your divorce case: an agreed upon settlement or a trial.

Most cases are settled. This is because divorce can be expensive, both financially and emotionally, and a divorce trial is always a long, expensive, and often unnecessary experience.

When clients come to my office to discuss divorce, I explain this concept as two roads that a person walks simultaneously. The first road is the road called "litigation". The second road is the road called "settlement".

I explain how the roads are walked together, and that it is only when they finally intersect--like at the top of a triangle--that the Judge will actually begin a trial, thereby ending the settlement road.

How will you know when the settlement offer you're considering is fair enough to settle your case?

If you are In the middle of your divorce case, then you probably have found yourself in some "uncharted territory".

That is because no one really taught you how to go through the issues that people experience in a divorce case in advance. It is all new. It can be quite frightening.

You probably are experiencing a whole host of emotions and issues.

Things can often get crazy in the middle of a divorce, but things also tend to calm down once the case is over.

The key is to figure out what your goals are, and then move the negotiations in your case to a settlement that includes your most important goals.

The issues that people often find themselves facing in the middle of a divorce case can include disputes over how much money each spouse should be paying for various things, visitation disputes, property disputes, fighting over who will have the children for which holidays, to even fighting over who will ultimately get possession of the family dog.

What is a fair settlement? You do not want to go to trial but you also do not want to make a bad deal either.

How will you know when the deal in front of you is "fair enough" to settle your case? You will know by not losing sight of your goals, but you first must have goals, clearly thought out, in front of you or you run the risk of being sidetracked at almost every turn.

That is where I come in. I will help you to define, with particularity, your specific goals for your divorce case. It is only when you know what you truly want that you can begin moving in the direction of trying to achieve those goals.

I am passionate about helping people define their specific divorce-related goals and then helping them set out to achieve them, either through settlement, if at all possible, or through trial in those cases where settlement is not possible.

Give me a call to discuss the particulars of your case and I will help you begin to figure out how to bring your case to a fair and equitable resolution."


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