What Our Clients Say

"Approximately two years ago, I began attorney shopping after I was told by my now ex-wife, that she wanted a divorce. I was betrayed, and trying to navigate through something that I have never experienced before. I did not want an attorney who would “throw wood into the fire,” heighten my emotions, make me overthink things, or entice me to take unnecessary actions out of anger or emotion. I had two meetings lined up, one being with Steve. I felt that Steve fit my personality very well, and we have since developed a solid relationship and understanding that goes beyond business. Steve was a calming presence, completely fair, honest, and accountable throughout the duration of the divorce process.
Also, Steve has a sense of humor that I greatly appreciate. On top of that, Steve is a great writer, very thorough with his work, and a very clear communicator. Last but not least, Karen and Val are extremely pleasant to work with; always there to help and assist. If you want an attorney with straightforward integrity, conscientious with your money, and gives extremely honest viewpoints based on his 30 plus years of experience, Steve is the attorney for you. Thank you for all the guidance and assistance, Steve. It will never be forgotten."

B.P. (Feb. 2020)
"Steve's number one goal is to do what is best for the client. He goes the extra mile to make sure that he has all the important information needed to assist the client and reach the best results. I was very satisfied and highly recommend Steve."
P.J. (2019)
"Steven Kaplan is an outstanding divorce lawyer! He's focused, efficient and highly professional, with an expert knowledge of NJ matrimonial law. You will find lawyers who are cheaper no doubt, but you won't find any better than Steve. And as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. My only regret is that I didn't use him as my first divorce lawyer, instead of my second. And divorce is definitely one of those things that you want to get right the first time. If you have Steve Kaplan handle your divorce, you will not have any regrets."
M.M. (2018)
"Steve is a stellar individual and professional. From the outset, Steve handles cases with a strategic and realistic approach. Most importantly, he does this with enormous compassion and genuine concern. Steve masterfully tackles difficult, contentious family dynamics, in order to preserve sanity, finances and heartache. In every interaction, the common theme that pervades is one of practicality and cooperation. Steve takes matters related to well the being of children seriously. As a physician in the community, caring for adults and children alike, I have benefited greatly from Steve's expertise. I recommend Steve without hesitation to anyone searching for representation and/or regarding all family/divorce related matters."
S.S., M.D. (2018)
"I had the great luck of choosing Steve Kaplan when I needed both a really great divorce attorney and a compassionate family oriented human being. Steve is a fantastic, deeply experienced, professional divorce attorney, and I interviewed several before choosing him. If you want a cutthroat attorney I’d say he’s not that guy, but ask yourself if that’s really a productive approach because it really isn’t in the end. I found that when emotions are running high during a divorce, you need a professional, logical and very experienced attorney to see all the options and provide the best advice. Steve is that guy! I’m glad that I listened to him then, and now 8 years later I’m still glad that I listened to him."
J.F. (2018)
"Steve Kaplan recently guided me through my divorce. From beginning to end he was extremely thorough, honest, responsive, knowledgeable and familiar with NJ divorce law and the divorce process. Steve advised me and worked with me each step of the way, always knowing the specific details of my case. He made me feel like we were working together as a team to get to a positive end result. Also, his office team was very caring, responsive and always available to help me throughout my case. Divorce is not an easy process, but Steve and his team made it as comfortable as possible for me. I am grateful for everything Steve and his team did to assist me. Thanks to all of you at Kaplan Law Office!"
L.G. (2018)
"Hands down, the best divorce attorney in New Jersey. Steve was always there when I needed something. He made sure that I didn’t get taken for a ride from the opposing attorney. He’s a lawyer you can count on and if you are in the unfortunate situation of getting divorced, he’s the man for the job. His staff is top notch. They are so fast in responding and getting paperwork done. I have ZERO complaints about Steve and his staff. Steve is a tough attorney, which is what you want and he will fight for you from day one. Steve and staff, thank you so much for all that you did for me and thank you for helping me move on with my life. I wish I could give more than 5 stars, you deserve it."
D.H. (2018)
"Mr. Kaplan represented me well, with kindness and with an understanding of the highly stressful and emotional situation that I found myself in. Very professional, skilled in his craft and he made sure that I understood ,100 percent , every step of the process that he was guiding me through. And although quite kind, he fought hard for what he believed was in my best interest and Thank God he did. With his help, I was able to rebuild my life. I survived because of Mr.Kaplans services and highly recommend him if the need ever arises."
K.S. (2018)
"Steve Kaplan is without question one of the most caring, knowledgeable and patient Divorce Lawyers (and I did speak to a few others before engaging Steve to handle my divorce). After my husband left our marraige after 25 years I was befuddled as to where to begin. Steve guided me with patience and understanding. He is straight forward, when he thinks you need it, but always sincere and professional. His support staff are exceptional - they just cannot seem to help you enough. Divorce is difficult and they all know it and understand the process, the turmoil of emotions one will go through, the extraordinary financial burden divorce brings on and all the heartache that goes with it. Although I know that Steve has many clients, when he spoke with me I had his undivided attention and he was always familiar with my situation. My divorce is finally over and I am thankful I chose Steve, Overall I am impressed with his knowledge of the divorce laws in New Jersey and his extraordinary professionalism even during the most difficult negotiations. Thank you Steve and all of your support staff! I know I made the right choice."
D.Z (2018)
"Steven takes the time to personally understand your case.
He is definitely a great lawyer, who works for his clients , and it's never driven by money, you come first...this is a rare trait in this world today...
If there was 6 stars he would get all 6.."
P.S. (2018)
"Steve is an exceptional attorney.
In addition to his caring demeanor, his knowledge of the law is unmatched.
I will utilize Steve in the future and would highly recommend him to friends and family."
K.L., Esq. (2018)
"Steve Kaplan is the only family law attorney I will ever refer anyone to see.
He helped me through a difficult divorce with issues including child custody, child support and division of property about 10 years ago and has been available and easily reachable for any concerns I’ve had over the years since as my children came into adulthood.
It was a very unpleasant time for me and both he and his staff were professional, available, caring, and most of all paid attention.
They do not do a “cookie cutter” divorce. They listen and help to get the best possible outcome in the most cost effective way possible.
Steve himself was by my side through the whole process and never became impatient or insensitive.
I’m writing this now because recently I’ve needed to work with other lawyers for other purposes whether it be for real estate matters, business matters, or financial matters and I still find myself reaching out to Steve for advice and guidance and wishing his scope went beyond family law."
C.L. (2018)
"Steve is an excellent attorney and is always looking for new and innovative ways to better serve his clients.
Easy to work with and draws on his extensive knowledge and experience to get great results."
K.M. (2018)
"Steven and his staff are very professional and very understanding.
One of New Jersey's best family law attorneys."
J.T. (2018)
"steven j kaplan took what was literally a spiraling out of control legal situation due to a conflict btwn two other attorneys....
he locked it down and wrapped it up with a mutually agreeable bow for two formerly warring ex-spouses who share a minor child.
he makes miracles happen.
plus his secretary valerie is amazing as well!
nobody likes having to retain an attorney but damn they almost make it fun.
thank you, Steve!"
P.Y. (2017)
"I have known Steven Kaplan for many years. I have referred several clients and a few family members to him.
He is the most knowledgeable family law attorney I know.
He has helped each of my clients obtain extremely favorable results and they have always thanked me for the referral.
Steve is extremely welcoming and really puts you at ease especially when you are facing a stressful and traumatic time in your life.
It's good to have Steve in your corner!!"
V.M., Esq. (2017)
"I was referred to Mr. Kaplan by another "super attorney" who was retiring. I am so glad he did.
Mr. Kaplan is a very talented, hard working, professional, personal, and attentive attorney.
Who also has a conscience.
He always kept me informed of all changes and updated me on my matter in a very timely manner.
He even worked an entire weekend once on a pressing issue.
He is a very honest man and I believe his honesty is known throughout the Monmouth/Ocean county court system which gives him credibility with both judges and his peers.
His staff always met my expectations and was also always on time.
I give my highest recommendation for Steven J. Kaplan to anyone who has a family law matter."
A.A. (2017)
"As a psychotherapist, I see my fair share of people struggling with marital and/or familial issues, and they are often in need of an attorney's guidance and expertise.
I have quite a few clients who have by represented by Steven Kaplan, and have found him to be honest, direct, approachable, and focused.
I will continue to refer to him, and thank him and his staff for their compassionate and attentive approach."
M.M.S., LCSW (2017)
"I wish I retained Steve Kaplan when I first sat down with him in February 2015.
That's because the outcome of my divorce and the custody of my daughter would in all probability have been very different. 
I learned from my mistake and am proud to say that Mr. Kaplan has been my most trusted legal advisor since March 2016.
He is a man of the highest ethics and integrity with dedication you don't see much anymore.
He has given me the best possible advice and legal counsel not only during office hours but also late at night and on weekends. He even interrupted his vacation with his family to help me during a very trying time. 
When you're selecting a lawyer to represent you during one of the most important events of your life don't just look at what you will pay; consider the value of what you will receive. Mr. Kaplan delivers much, much more than what anyone would expect.
He is a man of honor who truly cares about his clients in ways that are a pleasant surprise in this day and age.
He has a sense of commitment you hardly see anymore.
There are hundreds (thousands?) of lawyers you can hire but there are so few that can make a real difference.
Steve Kaplan has earned his place as one of the best lawyers in New Jersey through his knowledge, wisdom, dedication and many long years of experience.
He is also so compassionate on so many levels.
Mr. Kaplan doesn't come cheap but he's worth every penny and much much more.
If you have to take a second or even a third job and/or sell one of your kidneys to be able to pay him then do that. Do whatever it takes to get this man to represent you. You won't be sorry you did.
I'm only sorry I didn't hire him in the first place. Learn from my mistake and don't repeat it. Let my loss be your gain. Steve Kaplan is a man you will be happy to have in your corner."
H.S (2017)
"Steve Kaplan represented me in a grueling two year divorce that concluded in February 2017 against legendarily obstructionist adverse counsel in Monmouth County.
From our initial consultation throughout the arduous proceedings, Steve kept me closely apprised of developments, consulted me on strategic considerations and continuously presented cost-effective options to move the litigation to conclusion.
While on occasion we did not agree on the appropriate strategy to be pursued, Steve listened closely to my proposals, provided sage and ethical counsel as to the best avenues to pursue and ensured that all stages of the litigation I was capably represented and did not waste capital on litigation activity that did not meaningfully move my case towards finality.
Despite having emerged from the darkest of personal experiences, I count myself enriched for having been represented by an attorney that so clearly placed my interests and the interests of my children foremost and whom I now count a dear friend.
Steve is an extremely experienced divorce attorney whose attention to detail at critical junctures in the process seeks to ensure that the matrimonial settlement brings a measure of finality rather than, as so often happens, opening the door to a cascade of future disputes.
If you are reading this review you are very likely to embark on one of the most stressful and distasteful events in your life, but there is no sense in making it harder than it has to be.
A trained attorney myself, I give Steve the highest marks for professionalism, a nuanced understanding of the NJ’s divorce laws and a true advocate’s commitment to the issues that matter most to his clients (whether that might be parenting time or preservation of particular assets) and I could not recommend Steve more enthusiastically to a prospective client."
F.M. Esq. (2017)
"Steve is a fantastic divorce lawyer who deeply cares about his clients.
Exactly who you'd want by your side in a difficult time."
R.M., Esq. (2017)

P.S. (2017)

"5 Stars"
J.M. (2017)
"Steve Kaplan recently guided me through my divorce.

From beginning to end he was extremely thorough, honest, responsive, knowledgeable and familiar with NJ divorce law and the divorce process.

Steve advised me and worked with me each step of the way, always knowing the specific details of my case. He made me feel like we were working together as a team to get to a positive end result.

Also, his office team was very caring, responsive and always available to help me throughout my case.

Divorce is not an easy process, but Steve and his team made it as comfortable as possible for me.

I am grateful for everything Steve and his team did to assist me.

Thanks to all of you at Kaplan Law Office!"
L.G. (2017)
"Steve is a highly experienced divorce attorney in Monmouth County, NJ, but more importantly, he brings the perspective of 27+ years of New Jersey divorces and the laws surrounding them to his blog...

His blogs are 100% spot-on in terms of advice relating to divorces in New Jersey and parallel many of the situations I have seen and experienced.

I highly recommend his blog for anyone considering a divorce, going through a divorce, or healing from a divorce (no, it did not just happen to just you).

Clearly, the law surrounding New Jersey divorces and the system providing the mechanism for divorce is broken.

Steve provides blogs on topics you may not be aware of and educates you on the reality of divorce in New Jersey.

If you are a health care provider, a pastor, a priest, or a friend, subscribe to his blog and go back read all of his posts. They are quite helpful and can help you to avoid the pitfalls that most attorneys know are there, but fail to disclose until you are well into the process and have spent tens of thousands of dollars.

Steve writes with a heart and a perspective of those who have gone through a divorce and the system has failed them in one or another.

His passion is to provide reliable information for people struggling with divorce issues who need regular support with their legal questions.

His blog only started in November, but the collection is beginning to look like the outline of a book as the "Go-To" source for New Jersey residents going through the divorce process.

Check it out! You will not be disappointed."
M.W. (2014)
One of the most difficult things in life to go through is divorce; I should know, I've gone through it twice.
This last time it was apparent from threats made, I was going to need a lawyer.
I had previously researched lawyers online (as this was a long time coming) and even contacted one law office via their online form, to which I never received a response.
That is frustrating when you don't really know where to turn.
So when I found Steven Kaplan's website this time, I was skeptical about filling out the online form, but with my schedule I took a shot and filled it out that night, taking down the number to call if I didn't hear anything.
I received a call from his office 9am the next morning to set up an initial consultation. That was reassuring, I didn't expect such a rapid response.
From the time of the initial consultation through to the end I felt like I had a big brother in my corner that you did not want to mess with, who had an answer to any and every situation that might arise.
He was cool and collected and even in two of my most drama-drenched situations, one that was destined to lead to a violent end and me going to jail, he was able to step in with a formal letter for me to take home to the soon-to-be-ex-wife that checked her back into a reasonable parallel.
A letter doesn't sound like much, I know, but if you read it, I'm telling you, you would be like, "Whoa..." He doesn't play. He would dictate it, have his assistant type it up and fax it to me in minutes, that basically read, "You really do NOT want to eff with my client" in a bunch of intimidating legalese.
These letters truly saved me. They showed her I wasn't playing, and that any measure she was ready to take, I was ready to legally and forcefully check her on it - to the point she finally moved out.
Phew. By the end she had gone from being extremely difficult to more than reasonable, which was a huge relief.
Steven Kaplan has over 20 years experience in NJ and NY specifically in family law. This is all he deals in, so he really knows his stuff.
If you need any family law assistance, I suggest you check him out. If he can't help you due to location, I'm sure he could point you in the direction of someone reputable that can.
One last thing I have to add, another way he had my back was always letting me know when decisions I made in our separation agreement left myself open to possible negative result, and would be sure to identify all of the possible repercussions, suggesting the best path to take to cover myself. I tend to fold to make things easy, so I'm glad I had him to push me a little to make a better, well informed and thought out decision."
B.N. (2013)
"It is a great pleasure to recommend Steven Kaplan.

He was an invaluable help during a very complicated marital situation at a time when I was not working full time and I felt fresh out of good options.

I found him to be a compassionate, caring professional with a good grasp of the details at a time when I was drowning in a lot of difficult feelings.

I have concluded the dissolution of my marriage and have the strength to carry on, and I give him and his firm a lot of credit for that."
P.O. (2013)
"I can't say enough about how well Mr Kaplan treated me and the exceptional service I received by him and his firm."
M.C. (2013)
"I want to personally thank you for everything you have done for me...you are a true professional...a miracle happened in my life when I met you..."
M.J. (2013)

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