8 Hot Tips About Separation in New Jersey

The reality is that there is no legal process in New Jersey for a simple marital separation.

You can separate in NJ simply by moving out tonight if you want to.

Of course, you cannot simply abandon your responsibilities, both financial and otherwise, for your spouse and children.

Let me share 8 ideas with you about separating in NJ, after which I will extend a free offer to you that will really help you should you accept it:

skaplan1.In New Jersey it is possible to negotiate all issues of support, children, and property distribution, and have an agreement reached with your spouse that has been drawn up into a formal “Marital Settlement Agreement,” without ever obtaining a divorce. Take a look at this article about how to create your Matrimonial Settlement Agreement. After all, this is how it will likely end up, whether you choose to separate or divorce.

2.You can also file a Complaint with the Superior Court of New Jersey seeking child custody, child support, alimony (or all three) without also filing for divorce. Here is a link to the NJ Judiciary's Self Help Center if you choose to try to resolve these issues on your own, without hiring a lawyer.

3. A "Divorce from Bed and Board" in New Jersey is a formal court order that resolves issues of child support, alimony, property distribution, etc. without granting a formal divorce to the parties.

Some people find this more acceptable than a traditional divorce for religious reasons and other practical reasons, like the possibility of continuing on a family health insurance policy without additional premium costs.

I call this a "99% divorce". It is really New Jersey's version of a "legal separation."

4. Some people who separate never actually get divorced. I'll tell you about one such couple in this  next article (CLICK HERE).

5. Yet many other separating couples end up in divorce court. This next article is a great overview if you are thinking about getting a divorce in New Jersey.

6. Have you considered therapy? A great therapist can help save your marriage. Take a look at this article.

7. Also, I have many more resources to help you understand the concepts of divorce and separation in more detail. 

8. An immediate option for you is my free email course called NJ DIVORCE EDGE 2023. People considering separating or getting a divorce in New Jersey regularly tell me that they love it.

If you sign up, you will immediately get an extremely helpful email from me that takes you through the entire NJ divorce process.

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