1. What is Joint Custody in NJ?

    I get asked all the time, "What is joint custody in NJ? What does it really mean in practical terms to me?"

    The bottom line is that in New Jersey, there are two broad types of custody.

    Physical custody deals with where the child lives, and legal custody deals with who makes major decisions for the child.

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  2. Do Not Rush Through Your Divorce Settlement

    As a divorce lawyer, half of my clients are people who are getting divorced.

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  3. Is The Coronavirus Causing A Parenting Time Emergency For You?

    The Coronavirus has created a surge of parenting time emergencies that are crying out for an effective and immediate resolution.
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  4. What If Your NJ Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel Fails?

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  5. Monmouth County Courthouse Facilities

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  6. Family Court Motions

    What is a motion? A motion is simply a request of a judge for something.

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  7. Protecting Children From Parental Substance Abuse in NJ

    I think that parental substance abuse is a form of child abuse.

    I think that what is needed in New Jersey is a structured, quick, efficient, and effective system for a parent who believes that the other parent is abusing substances to have immediate access to the Court.

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  8. 5 Ways To Prepare For Your Appearance in Family Court


    Is there anything you can do before your court appearance to help you retain the best results possible?

    There is much uncertainty and most people have a lot on the line, and this combination can produce anxiety in even the calmest of people.

    I suggest paying attention to the following 5 areas to help you to maximize your chances of having a successful court experience.

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  9. Is My Spouse Entitled To A Part Of My Inheritance In A NJ Divorce?

    The easy answer under New Jersey law to that question is “no.”

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