1. Calculating Alimony Pursuant to NJ Alimony Laws

    How is alimony in NJ determined?  

    Are there NJ Alimony guidelines like there are NJ child support guidelines, or is there some type of an "alimony calculator?"

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  2. 4-Way Conferences: Productive Tool or Waste of Time and Money?

    A four-way conference is precisely what it sounds like: four people sitting around the table trying to work everything out.

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  3. What Can You Do If You Need Help From a Judge AFTER Your Divorce Ends?

    Earlier we discussed the fact that the way someone in a divorce case cans seek help from the Judge is by filing a custom-made set of papers called "a motion."

    But how can somebody who is already divorced get help from a Judge?

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  4. Exactly What Constitutes a Co-habitation That Would End Alimony?

    Does moving in together automatically end alimony for a financially-dependent ex-spouse?

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  5. Experiencing Betrayal Of Any Kind Is Awful


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  6. How One Client Achieved A Fair Divorce Settlement In Spite Of His Wife's Threats To "Go For The Jugular"

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  7. Legal Separation in New Jersey

    Did You Know That There Is No Legal Separation in New Jersey?

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  8. When Does NJ Divorce Law Require Life Insurance?

    NJ Divorce Law usually requires a supporting parent and a supporting former spouse to maintain an appropriate amount of life insurance to fund his alimony and child support obligations in the event of his premature death.

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  9. What Is An Uncontested Divorce in NJ?

    New clients regularly tell me that they want an "uncontested divorce."

    What exactly is an uncontested divorce in NJ?

    To me, the phrase means two separate things:

    First of all, it means that the grounds for divorce are not being contested.

    Second, it means that there is no disagreement as to any of the financial issues, child related issues, or any other issues, and in fact these issues have been resolved.

    When you have settled all of the issues in your divorce case, the next step is to go to court for what is called an uncontested divorce hearing, the goal of which is to divorce you and your spouse and end the divorce process.  

    The uncontested divorce hearing usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

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  10. What Is A NJ Divorce Trial Like?

    Question: "What is a New Jersey divorce trial like?"

    Answer: "You don't want one."

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